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Oklahoma State University
University Research Compliance

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research


Select Agent Program - Incident Reporting and Emergency Response

Laboratory emergencies can include: fires, explosions (with or without an accompanying fire), gas leaks, medical emergencies, power outages, and spills or releases of hazardous/infectious substances. When emergencies occur, it is critical that laboratory personnel react quickly to any situation by securing work areas, closing all doors, and reporting the incident immediately.

Each laboratory where select agents and toxins are stored and/or used must have an Incident Response Plan. Investigators bear the responsibility for documenting hazards associated with the use of their select agents and toxins. Each lab where select agents are stored and/or used must develop appropriate personnel roles, lines of authority, and lines of communication that could be implemented during a man-made or natural emergency. This information must be incorporated into initial and ongoing training in laboratories.

Incident response procedures have been developed in conjunction with the Stillwater Fire Department, the OSU Police Department, and the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

The following links are references to procedures that outline the response to these type of emergencies on Stillwater campus.