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Oklahoma State University

Facility Proposals

A portion of the Facilities and Administration funds from OSU-Stillwater, OSU-Tulsa, the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station and the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences is being used to support two programs (Core Facilities Support; Renovation and/or Development of Critical Research Infrastructure) from the Office of the Vice President for Research

All proposals for each of these programs must be signed by the faculty members Associate Dean for Research and the Associate Dean for Research will submit the proposal to Jason Pogue electronically by 5:00 pm on 27 October 2016 with funding decisions made early in December 2016.  Only proposals submitted by Associate Deans for Research will be accepted.  Minimum project size will be $20,000 and maximum project size will be $350,000, subject to the availability of funds.  Proposals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Associate Deans for Research from each college and this committee will make funding recommendations to the Vice President for Research. 


(A) Core Facilities Support

Multi-user core facilities on the OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa campus, including CASNR, OAES, and CVHS may apply for financial support by responding to the Request for Proposals on the attached page.  Funding may be used for new equipment, equipment upgrades, technician support, etc. and may be for up to 3 years in length.  Multi-year programs will only be funded for the current year, out years will require additional proposal submission in subsequent years.


(B) Renovation and/or Development of Critical Research Infrastructure

Proposers may request funding to support renovation or development of critical research facilities, under the constraints described in the accompanying Request for Proposals.  Funding may be used to renovate existing critical facilities, or develop new facilities.