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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Conversations

Arts & Sciences

Toby Nelson Thumbnail   Toby Nelson

Electrically conductive plastics


Jiahong Wu Thumbnail   Jiahong Wu

Nonlinear partial differential equations, mathematical fluid mechanics, numerical computation and analysis


Rolf Prade Thumbnail   Rolf Prade

Biochemical genetics applied to microorganisms

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Z. Randall Stroope Thumbnail   Z. Randall Stroope

Choral conducting/composing


Larry L. Mullins Thumbnail   Larry L. Mullins

Child health psychology


Riley Dunlap Thumbnail   Riley Dunlap

Environmental sociology


Jodi Jinks Thumbnail   Jodi Jinks



Loren Smith Thumbnail   Loren Smith

Wetland ecosystems



Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Leon Spicer Thumbnail   Leon Spicer

Reproduction in cattle

Animal science

Raymond Huhnke Thumbnail   Raymond Huhnke

Biobased Products

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Francisco Ochoa Corona Thumbnail   Francisco Ochoa Corona

Microbial forensics

Entomology & Plant Pathology

Jeanmarie Verchot Thumbnail   Jeanmarie Verchot

Molecular and cellular aspects of plant virus infection

Entomology & Plant Pathology

Sam Fuhlendorf Thumbnail   Sam Fuhlendorf

Rangeland management

Natural Resource Ecology & Management

Brett Carver Thumbnail   Brett Carver

Wheat Breeding and Genetics

Plant and Soil Sciences

Brett Carver Thumbnail   Brett Carver

Wheat Breeding and Genetics

Plant and Soil Sciences

Chad Penn Thumbnail   Chad Penn

Soil and Environmental Chemistry

Plant and Soil Sciences

Charles Taliaferro Thumbnail   Charles Taliaferro

Turfgrass Science

Plant and Soil Sciences

Yanqi Wu Thumbnail   Yanqi Wu

Plant Breeding and Genetics (Grasses)

Plant and Soil Sciences



J. Craig Wallace Thumbnail   J. Craig Wallace

Organizational behavior


Dursun Delen Thumbnail   Dursun Delen

Data Mining/Analytics

Management Science and Information Systems



Gary Duhon Thumbnail   Gary Duhon

Academic and behavioral interventions for school-age children

School Psychology

Jon Loffi Thumbnail   Jon Loffi

Aviation security

Aviation and Space


Engineering, Architecture & Technology

M. Tyler Ley Thumbnail   M. Tyler Ley

Structure and concrete materials engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

James Good Thumbnail   James K. Good

Web handling

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Prabhakar Pagilla Thumbnail   Prabhakar Pagilla

Large-scale complex systems

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Human Sciences

Amanda Morris Thumbnail   Amanda Morris

Child and Adolescent Development

Human Development & Family Science

Amanda Sheffield Morris Thumbnail   Amanda Sheffield Morris

Social and emotional development in children and adolescents

Human Development & Family Science

Edralin Lucas Thumbnail   Edralin Lucas

Functional foods

Nutritional Sciences


Veterinary Health Sciences

Mike Davis Thumbnail   Mike Davis

Exercise Physiology and Pathophysiology

Physiological sciences

Lin Liu Thumbnail   Lin Liu

Physiology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Functional Genomics, Lung Biology and Toxicology

Physiological sciences

Dianne McFarlane Thumbnail   Dianne McFarlane

Neurodegeneration in horses

Physiological sciences