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Name Department Role Expertise
Sharon Bird


Team Member

Facilitating organizational change; broader impacts of research (especially diversity related); women and underrepresented groups in higher education, small business, and other workplaces

Alex Bishop Human Development and Family Science Team Lead
Team Member
Gerontology/aging. Determinants of positive aging in human longevity. Subjective well-being in old-old age. Aging-in-place and quality-of-life. Artificially Intelligent Smart Technologies in the Continuum of Care for Older Adults. Aging-in-Prison.
Tilanka Chandrasekera Design, Housing & Merchandising Team Member Architectural Design and Design Education, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Design Thinking, Design Cognition and Creativity, Computational Design, Wayfinding and Navigation
Greg Clare Design, Housing & Merchandising Team Member Consumer Behavior, Eye Tracking, Effects of Electric Light on Human Health--Spectrum Actigraphy
Sabit Ekin Electrical & Computer Engineering Team Lead
Team Member
Wireless communications and sensing, internet of things
Sam R Emerson Nutritional Sciences Team Member The impact of diet and physical activity on clinical health outcomes in humans, risk and risk factors associated with leading health problems faced by Oklahoma and the US, measurement and testing of fasting metabolic markers, lipid tolerance, glucose tolerance, body composition, exercise tolerance, blood pressure, blood vessel function, liver function, and kidney function
Elvena Fong Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI), Institute for Predictive Medicine (IPM) Team Member
Improving health care for rural and Native Americans using a combination of innovative analytics and care delivery approaches to overcome a number of different barriers
Andrew Foote Animal & Food Sciences Team Member Beef cattle nutrition and production; nutrient metabolism; appetite regulation; growth and development; dairy cattle nutrition
Duane A. Gill Sociology and Center for the Study of Disasters and Extreme Events Team Lead
Team Member
Social science research designs and methods, natural and technological hazards, risks & disasters, environmental sociology, rural communities
Janice Hermann Nutritional Sciences Team Member Food insecurity, older adult nutrition
Jamey Jacob MAE, USRI Team Lead
Team Member
Unmanned systems and autonomous robotics for remote and in situ environmental sensing
Mark Krzmarzick Civil and Environmental Engineering Team Member Water and wastewater treatment; bioremediation. Molecular (DNA/RNA-based) methodologies to track and monitor microbes in the environment.
Gopal Kakani Plant and Soil Sciences Team Lead
Team Member
Bioenergy, Climate Change, Crop modeling, Crop Physiology, Phenomics, and Remote Sensing application
Mary Larson Edmon Low Library, Dean's Office Team Member Oral history, archives, ethnographic interview, women's history, the intersection of technology and ethics in cultural representation, gender bias in historical and cultural research, and the role of primary source format in mediation of the historical record
Bin Liang Sociology Team Member Law and society, Globalization, Comparative legal systems, Chinese legal system, Crime & deviance
Dingbo Lin Nutritional Sciences Team Member Nutritional regulation of microbiome in the host infection, nutrition, chronic diseases, infectious diseases
Edralin Lucas Nutritional Sciences Team Member Functional food, obesity, diabetes, gut microbiome
Jerry Malayer Vet Med Team Lead The human microbiome and its potential to benefit health and cure diseases
Chad A. Malone Sociology Team Member Imprisonments; mass incarceration; U.S. drug policy; punishment; social control; politics of the criminal justice system
Michael Merten Center for Family Resilience--Human Development and Family Science Team Member Determinants of physical and mental health among children, adolescents, and young adults considering both family and community contexts. Quantitative and qualitative data collection experience from racially and socioeconomically diverse families in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma
Sarah Milligan Oklahoma Oral History Research Programs Other Documenting Oklahoma culture and history through recording first person accounts regarding events, places, topics, and interactions.
John O'Hara Electrical & Computer Engineering Team Lead
Team Member
Terahertz and electromagnetics science and applications
Ryan Reuter Animal and Food Sciences Team Lead
Team Member
Grazing animal management and nutrition, grazing systems, sensors, data science in agriculture
Liesel Ritchie Sociology Team Lead
Team Member
Social dimensions of community resilience; measuring community resilience; risk perceptions related to natural and technological (human-caused) hazards and disasters; social impacts of hazards and disasters; evaluation research
Emily Roberts Design Housing and Merchandising Team Member Dementia caregiving, environment and cognition research for individuals with dementia
Karina Shreffler Human Development and Family Science Team Member Reproductive Health; Pregnancy and Birth; Maternal and Child Health. Demographer with expertise in survey research methodology and data collection in clinical and community settings.
Kelley Sittner Sociology Team Member Health disparities among minority and understudied populations, with a specific focus on North American Indigenous communities. Adolescent development and involvement in delinquent and antisocial behavior.
Brenda Smith Nutritional Sciences Team Member How bioactive food components affect the gut-bone axis through their immune-modulating properties. The role of dietary bioactives on T cell populations within the gut mucosal immune system and their contribution to the regulation of bone metabolism.
Steve Stadler Geography Team Member Applied climatology, wind power, the Oklahoma Mesonet atmospheric measurements
Robert Taylor New Product Development Center Team Lead
Team Member
Mechanical engineering design, automation, testing, analysis, prototyping assistance, connections to industry partners in Oklahoma, OCAST OARs support, commercialization support
Glenn Zhang Animal and Food Sciences Team Lead
Team Member
Antimicrobial resistance, alternatives to antibiotics, animal microbiome, probiotics, one health, infectious diseases