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What is HIBAR/TIER 1 Research?

Highly Integrative Basic and Responsive Research

Oklahoma State University is initiating a HIBAR Research program to further enhance the quality and impact of research at OSU. The program will involve selecting and then resourcing the teams that most directly apply the four key concepts of the HIBAR approach (described in the “What is HIBAR Research?” link), and that are judged to have the greatest potential for leveraging external resources to impact societal problems. 

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Public scrutiny of university research is rapidly increasing as people consume more information through the multiplying sources of media. Quality of research, along with the contribution to public value, has been continually questioned over the past decades, and as early as 1994, Rosenberg and Nelson noted, “A widely accepted definition of basic research has come to focus on the absence of a concern with practical application.”

In response, APLU has launched a call for researchers to unite and ‘engage theory with practice for transformative solutions.’ By consciously considering the application and societal engagement of basic research, it is believed the HIBAR approach to research can not only improve research outcomes, but also increase the overall benefit to society.

HIBAR research programs combine academic engagement with real-world problem solving through all of the following aspects of motivation, approach, partnership, and time frame: HIBAR research:

  • Embracesthe attainment of new knowledge coupled with the solution of important problems;
  • Combines academic research methods with practical design thinking aimed at application; 
  • Engagesthe efforts of academic and real-world leading experts; and 
  • Seeks time-to-use less than academic norms (<15 yr) & more than in direct application (>3 yr).

Further information can be found in the links below, including example programs at other institutions. 

APLU Overview of HIBAR Research

APLU Preliminary Resources List

Example program 


What is Tier 1 Research? 

OSU has branded its HIBAR Research program as Tier 1 Research.