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Oklahoma State University

Technology Commercialization

Technology Development Center

The Technology Development Center at Oklahoma State University assists faculty and staff members, administrators, and students with intellectual property issues resulting from their scholarly and creative activities.  It exists to foster the creation of innovative technologies and to manage those technologies and other intellectual property for the benefit of the University and the public. In doing so, TDC supports the third part of OSU’s threefold mission: 1) teaching, 2) research and scholarly activity, and 3) outreach. For further information regarding the Technology Development Center, including the disclosure, patent and licensing process please visit

Cowboy Technologies

Cowboy Technologies was organized to be a catalyst for commercializing Oklahoma State University's technology through successful startup companies. Cowboy Technologies collaborates with the Technology Development Center, the OSU School of Entrepreneurship, and OSU’s researchers to identify technologies that have commercial interest and viability. It works closely with inventors and entrepreneurial leaders to advance business models and go-to-market plans, while providing ongoing business advisory services to the team. Cowboy Technologies, additionally, provides sponsored research for technology development while still at OSU, and seed capital investment in startups entering into operations with licensed OSU technology. It also positions startups to raise new capital form aligned investment partners while also helping identify and apply for state and federal government sources of non-dilutive funding. For further information regarding Cowboy Technologies, please visit

OSU I-Corps Site

Staff from the Technology Development Center and Cowboy Technologies, in collaboration with the Spears School of Business School of Entrepreneurship, assist in the presentation and implementation of the OSU I-Corps Site. I-Corps, a National Science Foundation funded program, assists faculty and student teams in identifying customers and garnering feedback to guide further technology development and business model creation. For further information, please visit