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Award Presentations, Remarks from Provost Mendez, and Flash Talks and Performing Arts Video

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Various Disciplines (7 talks/videos)


AFT-01     Hunter Carson

Research Collaborators:  Lauren Cline and Newlin Humphrey

Research Presentation Title:  State FFA Officers' Autophotography of Leadership Competency Development during a Short-Term Domestic Study Tour

Faculty Research Mentor:  Bradley Coleman, Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership


AFT-02     Udhav Ramachandran

Research Collaborators:  Ruth Scimeca and Shubham Trehan

Research Presentation Title:  Learning from Extremely Scarce Samples for Gastrointestinal Parasite Ova Classification

Faculty Research Mentor:  Sathya Aakur, Computer Science


AFT-03     Clare Warner

Research Collaborators:  Cong Pu, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Sunho Lim and Imtiaz Ahmed

Research Presentation Title:  Developing an Authentication Protocol for Group Communication in the Internet of Drones Environment

Faculty Research Mentor:  Cong Pu, Computer Science


AFT-04     Lauren Dickens

Research Collaborators:  Momtaz Islam and Carolina Yanez

Research Presentation Title:  Developing the Seamstress Apron

Faculty Research Mentor:  Semra Peksoz, Design and Merchandising


AFT-05     Ishani Ray

Research Collaborators:  Amita Chawla

Research Presentation Title:  Characterization of auditory physiology in FXS in critical developmental timepoints

Faculty Research Mentor:  Elizabeth McCullagh, Integrative Biology


AFT-06     Paige Nguyen

Research Collaborators:  Rachel Eaton

Research Presentation Title:  Views of a Vietnamese American Cultural Blending: A Microhistory

Faculty Research Mentor:  Juan Carlos Rozo, Languages and Literatures


AFT-07     Sara Skidmore

Research Collaborators:  Eric Knatvold and Andrew Whitaker

Research Presentation Title:  Delayed Effects of Nitrogen in Grain Sorghum

Faculty Research Mentor:  Andrea Jilling, Plant and Soil Science

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