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Foreign Travel

Foreign travel raises a number of issues for university personnel. Where a person travels, what items are being taken, what services are being provided, with whom they are working and the purpose of the trip may present export control concerns.

It is important to keep a few things in mind:

• Export control laws do not distinguish between an item that is shipped and an item that is carried. A license may be required before travel or shipment. In general, ordinary laptops are licensed by the manufacturers for export to most countries. However, if going to a sanctioned or embargoed country, a specific license may be required. This can be true for other types of equipment as well.

• The destination of a traveler determines what export controls or regulations apply. This is particularly important if traveling to a sanctioned or embargoed country. Review OFAC

• Prior to discussing technology or making a presentation abroad, verify that the technology, information, and/or commodities qualify for exclusion. Review EAR.

A summary of the university’s position can be viewed here. Travelers may also need to fill out a Temporary Exports/Reexports Exception Certification found on the “Export Control Forms” page. Please refer also to the “Glossary” for more information.