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This page is designed as the central location for all forms and resources utilized by the research offices.  The four tabs below separate the topics.  Please select the TOPIC TAB to display the resources available.

OSU Procedure
A routing form must be completed and signed appropriately before submission of all grant proposals from OSU for external funding of any kind. This includes electronic and paper proposal submission by college research offices as well as departments across campus that are not affiliated with a college research office (e.g. Library, Upward Bound, Scholarships and Financial Aid, etc.). Should a proposal be funded, the award must also be routed using the same number used on the proposal routing.


OSU-Tulsa Procedure 

The following routing procedure should be used for routings that involve OSU-Tulsa faculty members.  The routing sheets, abstract (or statement of work), budget and program guidelines (or URL for the guidelines) should be faxed (or as an email attachment) to Daniel Marangoni, Ph.D (  Dr. Marangoni will assign an OSU-Tulsa routing number and get the routing signed by the PI and appropriate OSU-Tulsa officials.  The routing will then be returned to the originating office for completion through the College and central administration.  Any arrangements for cost share and waived or reduced F&A must be made in advance.

 The OSU Record of Export Control Review form must be completed, signed, and routed with only Research awards not Outreach (Extension) or Instruction unless the award is of a military nature. This includes modifications when funds are being added (e.g., second-year funding from the Sponsor or a contract renewal).

The form is required with all Research no-cost extensions of 6 months or longer IF the PI has indicated on Part 3 of the routing sheet that a foreign national is on the project. If there are no foreign nationals, the form is not required.

Subcontracts from OSU to an agency (outgoing) do not need the form, nor do routings for tuition/scholarship funds, student practicum agreements/payments, re-budgeting, or conferences.

If box 1 is checked, return the form to the Sponsored Project Administrator.

If box 2 is checked, read the Briefing on the Handling of Export-Controlled Information , and sign the OSU Record of Export Control Review indicating you have read and understand the Briefing . You must also contact Jada Bruner Gailey to determine if a Technology Control Plan (TCP) or a license is required for the project. Check the appropriate box at the bottom of the OSU Record of Export Control Review and return form with your signature to the Sponsored Project Administrator for routing. During the routing process, Jada Bruner Gailey will sign the OSU Record of Export Control Review indicating the appropriate box has been checked. A signed copy will be included with the completed routing packet and returned to the college. NOTE: If a license is a required, the foreign national may not begin work on the project's controlled technology until the license is in place.

If it has been determined a TCP is required, each project subject to export controls must have a TCP in place that outlines the procedures to be taken to handle and safeguard the Export-Controlled Information. It is the responsibility of the Project Director (PD)/ Principal Investigator (PI) to develop a written TCP which must be approved and signed by Jada Bruner Gailey, Director University Research Programs. The PD/PI must ensure each person working on the project has read and understands the Briefing on the Handling of Export Controlled Information and has read and understands the TCP. Project personnel must sign the Technology Control Plan Certification before they can begin work on the project . Return the signed Technology Control Plan Certification to Jada Bruner Gailey, Director University Research Programs, 206 Whitehurst, Stillwater, OK 74078. Contact information: 405-744-9995; . Copies of the signed TCP and Certification will be sent to the PD/PI and the Sponsored Project Administrator.


The export of tangible items, technology, commercial software and encryption code is subject to export control regulations. However, the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) make an exception to the license requirements for the temporary export or reexport of certain tangible items/technology or software for professional use as long as specific criteria are met. This is not applicable to any technology associated with high-level encryption products, equipment, components, or software designed for use in/with/by satellites or spacecraft or otherwise regulated by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). There are also country specific restrictions which need to be upheld.

If you are traveling and plan to take or ship any tangible item(s), technology, commercial software and/or encryption code to be used in a foreign country, you need to document that the item(s), technology, commercial software and/or encryption code to be taken or shipped do not require a license and qualify as exempt or an exception. The form below is designed to be used for documentation purposes. The regulations require that this documentation must be kept for five (5) years. Fill out the form prior to travel or shipment, keep a copy for your files and forward a copy to Jada Bruner Gailey, Director University Research Programs, 206 Whitehurst, Stillwater, OK 74078. Contact information: 405-744-9995; .