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Oklahoma State University
Animal Resources

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research

Animal Resources

Billing Inquiries

Per Diem Information

Animal Resources (AR) is a unit of the Division of the Vice President for Research available for use by OSU faculty from any college using animals in teaching, education, or research. Some of the services available include:

  • animal husbandry for species ranging from rodents to large farm animals
  • coordination of the veterinary care of regulated animals
  • assistance with study design and the selection of animal models
  • training in research animal procedures including restraint, anesthesia, sample collection, and euthanasia
  • advice and support in preparing Animal Care and Use Protocols for IACUC review

Animal Resources is committed to providing outstanding service and value to OSU’s research community. Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep all rates flat while expenses continue to increase. The FY19 rates for per diems and technical services are listed below for your information and planning purposes. The new rates go into effect July 1, 2019. Note that training and consultation services remain free of charge.

In prior years, per diem rates for many species were set far below actual costs. These “undercharges” then had to be subsidized by the colleges through an annual billing process. The new rates will minimize the college subsidies by allowing full per diem costs to be charged on grants.

We are aware that such a significant increase in per diems may be a financial burden on investigators who have fixed budgets for animal care in existing grants. The Associate Deans for Research have agreed to consider providing financial support for investigators dramatically affected by this change until new grants are obtained using the new cost structures. Please contact your Associate Dean for Research if you believe this applies to you.

Along with the colleges, the Division of the Vice President for Research continues to provide significant funding to assist Animal Resources’ operations. In recent years, funding has been provided to construct the new Multi- Species Research Facility and help alleviate the shortage of animal housing space. Funding has been provided to replace AR’s climate controlled van for animal transportation. Funding was provided to purchase a box truck for moving caging and equipment, and funding has been provided to purchase additional ventilated racks to house the growing population of research mice. The Division of the Vice President for Research will continue to support AR’s operations to ensure quality, consistent animal care in the pursuit of scientific research.

Per Diem Rates

Species Type of Caging/Housing Rate Basis
Mouse Shoebox, Wire-Bottom, or Ventilated Cage $2.31 Cage/day
Mouse Static Microisolator or Metabolic Cage $2.44 Cage/day
Mouse Aseptic Microisolator Cage $2.90 Cage/day
Mouse Biosafety Cage $2.60 Cage/day
Rat Shoebox, Wire-Bottom, or Ventilated Cage $2.53 Cage/day
Rat Static Microisolator or Metabolic Cage $2.67 Cage/day 
Rat Aseptic Microisolator Cage $3.18 Cage/day 
Rat Biosafety Cage $3.17 Cage/day
Guinea Pig  Cage $2.32 Animal/day
Guinea Pig Biosafety Cage $4.30 Animal/day
Rabbit Cage $3.97 Animal/day
Cat Cage $5.26 Animal/day
Dog<15kg Run or Cage $7.51 Animal/day
Dog>15kg Run or Cage $9.72 Animal/day
Pig Indoor Pen $6.44 Animal/day
Sheep/Goat Outdoor Pen $2.58 Animal/day
Sheep/Goat Indoor Pen $7.01 Animal/day
Cattle Outdoor Pen $12.14 Animal/day
Cattle Indoor Pen $17.62 Animal/day
Horse Outdoor Pen $8.82 Animal/day
Horse Indoor Pen $19.87 Animal/day
Birds Cage $2.48 Cage or Adult/day
Aquatic Species Tank $3.08 Cage/day
Terrestrial Amphibians and Reptiles Cage $1.46 Cage/day

Other Rates

Species Type of Caging/Housing Rate Basis
Technical Services   $19.00 Per hour


Contact Animal Resources at 405-744-7631 for rates not listed above.