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Connecting the community.
With a different researcher each month from the sciences, arts and humanities Research on Tap is an opportunity to have a conversation regarding their work and the impact it has on you and your community.
We hope you will join us the third Monday of each month to enjoy some of Stillwater’s own local brew while chatting about some of the interesting research happening here on the OSU campus. The event begins with approximately 20 minutes of conversation between the Vice President of Research and the researcher, followed by questions and answer session with the audience.
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March 20, 2023

Brian Elbing, OSU Associate Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Shaken and Stirred: The Silent Sounds of Tornadoes and Earthquakes

All around us are sounds that we cannot hear that are capable of traveling over extreme distances, even around the Earth. Just like regular sounds, these sounds carry information about what made them. This is how you could be blindfolded and still know where someone is in the room if they are talking. Dr. Elbing’s team has been listening to these sounds for 6 years with some of the detections being from explosions, earthquakes, fireballs, and tornadoes. Tornadoes have been the primary focus with the goal being to determine what exactly produces the sound and whether it can be used to improve warnings. More recently, they have begun listening for earthquakes from high altitude balloons as part of a collaboration with NASA JPL and Sandia Labs. This work uses Earth has a model for Venus to see it could be used to study the structure of Venus, which is too hot to have any sensors on the surface.

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Upcoming Schedule:

Date Guest Expert Topic
March 20, 2023 Brian Elbing The Silent Sounds of Tornadoes and Earthquakes
April 17, 2023 Jimmie Weaver Realizing the Alchemists' Dream 3 Millennia Later


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