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OSU Research on Tap

Connecting the community.
With a different researcher each month from the sciences, arts and humanities Research on Tap is an opportunity to have a conversation regarding their work and the impact it has on you and your community.
We hope you will join us the third Monday of each month to enjoy some of Stillwater’s own local brew while chatting about some of the interesting research happening here on the OSU campus. The event begins with approximately 20 minutes of conversation between the Vice President of Research and the researcher, followed by questions and answer session with the audience.
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August 15, 2022

McKale Montgomery, OSU Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences

Finding a Diet to Help You Fit into Your Genes

Dr. Montgomery's research investigates how your body responds to your dietary choices. More specifically, the Montgomery lab studies how alterations in our genetic makeup influences the way the cells in our body use the nutrients we eat and respond to the alterations in nutrient availability. Dr. Montgomery will share how her research may one day be used to allow physicians and dietitians the ability to create individualized dietary prescriptions to protect against disease risk and optimize health outcomes.

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Upcoming Schedule:

Date Guest Expert Topic
August 15, 2022 McKale Montgomery Finding a Diet to Help You Fit into Your Genes
September 19, 2022 Per Bylund Cheers to Entrepreneurs!
October 24, 2022* Ashley Burkett The Deep-Sea and Microbenthos: Examining the Unseen of the Earth's Last Frontier
(*Given scheduling conflicts, this session will be held the 4th Monday of October.)
November 21, 2022 Bailey Norwood It Does Not Have to be a Food Fight
December 19, 2022 Richard Frohock Pirates of the Caribbean!
January 23, 2023 Darren Hagen From Honey Bees, to Sheep (and Geep), and Wild-Ass Southeast Asian Cattle: What the Genetic Code Can Tell Us About All Creatures Great and Small
February 20, 2023 Kara Moore Improving Eyewitness Memory and Person Search Recoveries
March 20, 2023 Brian Elbing The Silent Sounds of Tornadoes and Earthquakes
April 17, 2023 Jimmie Weaver Realizing the Alchemists' Dream 3 Millennia Later


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