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2/3 of US colleges and universities lack student groups for Muslims, Jews, Hindus or Buddhists Jonathan S. Coley, Dhruba Das and Gary John Adler Jr. 6/6/2022
Is intermittent fasting the diet for you? Here’s what the science says McKale Montgomery 5/19/2022
Leaking a Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion or other hot topics is unprecedented – 4 things to know about how the high court works Eve Ringsmuth 5/18/2022
How a poet and professor promotes racial understanding with lessons from history Quraysh Ali Lansana 4/6/2022
The 1 in 10 U.S. doctors with reservations about vaccines could be undermining the fight against COVID-19 Matt Motta and Timothy Callaghan 4/5/2022
Medieval illustrated manuscripts reveal how upper-class women managed healthy households – overseeing everything from purging, leeching and cupping to picking the right wet nurse Jennifer Borland 4/1/2022
1 in 10 Americans say they don’t eat meat – a growing share of the population Bailey Norwood and Courtney Bir 3/1/2022
How to build wildfire-resistant communities on the wildland fringe Jeanne Homer 2/1/2022
Sports card explosion holds promise for keeping kids engaged in math John Holden 12/22/2021
Mistletoe - famous for stolen holiday kisses - is a parasite that steals water and nutrients from other plants David Hillock 12/16/2021
Why do couples use baby talk with one another? Ramesh Kaipa 12/3/2021
Is your state ready to handle the influx of federal funds for expanding broadband? Brian Whitacre, Christina Biedny 12/2/2021
The pandemic is changing the way young people eat and how they feel about their bodies: 4 essential reads Amanda Harrist, Christia Spears Brown, Elizabeth Budd, Julia F. Taylor, Laura Hubbs-Tait, Nichole Kelly, Nicole Giuliani, Sara Groff Stephens 11/29/2021
Climate change denial 2.0 was on full display at COP26, but there was also pushback David Tindall, Mark CJ Stoddart, Riley E Dunlap 11/18/2021
Kids with obesity need acceptance from family and friends, not just better diet tips, to succeed at managing their weight Amanda Harrist, Laura Hubbs-Tait 10/25/2021
Avoiding water bankruptcy in the drought-troubled Southwest: What the US and Iran can learn from each other Mojtaba Sadegh, Ali Mirchi, Amir AghaKouchak, Kaveh Madani 9/29/2021
Colleges must choose whether to let athletes wear school gear for paid promotions John Holden 9/23/2021
Do star athletes who want to play for the NBA really need college? What LaMelo Ball got right - and wrong - about why they don't John Holden 8/26/2021
Unverified reports of vaccine side effects in VAERS aren't the smoking guns portrayed by right-wing media outlets - they can offer insight into vaccine hesitancy Matt Motta, Dominik Stecula 8/25/2021


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