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Globetrotting Black nutritionist Flemmie P. Kittrell revolutionized early childhood education and illuminated ‘hidden hunger’

Brandy Thomas Wells

People blame and judge parents for children's heavier weights

Jamie Krems and Devanshi Patel 1/26/2023

A librarian recommends 5 fun fiction books for kids and teens featuring disabled characters

Rebecca Weber 1/18/2023

Holiday foods can be toxic to pets – a veterinarian explains which, and what to do if Rover or Kitty eats them

Leticia Fanucchi 12/16/2022

Intuitions about justice are a consistent part of human nature across cultures and millennia

Daniel Sznycer and Carlton Patrick
Confidence in the Supreme Court is declining – but there is no easy way to oversee justices and their politics Eve Ringsmuth 8/1/2022
Monarch butterflies join the Red List of endangered species, thanks to habitat loss, climate change and pesticides Kristen Baum 7/26/2022
What really drives anti-abortion beliefs? Research suggests it’s a matter of sexual strategies Jaimie Arona Krems and Martie Haselton 7/19/2022
2/3 of US colleges and universities lack student groups for Muslims, Jews, Hindus or Buddhists Jonathan S. Coley, Dhruba Das and Gary John Adler Jr. 6/6/2022
Is intermittent fasting the diet for you? Here’s what the science says McKale Montgomery 5/19/2022
Leaking a Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion or other hot topics is unprecedented – 4 things to know about how the high court works Eve Ringsmuth 5/18/2022
How a poet and professor promotes racial understanding with lessons from history Quraysh Ali Lansana 4/6/2022
The 1 in 10 U.S. doctors with reservations about vaccines could be undermining the fight against COVID-19 Matt Motta and Timothy Callaghan 4/5/2022
Medieval illustrated manuscripts reveal how upper-class women managed healthy households – overseeing everything from purging, leeching and cupping to picking the right wet nurse Jennifer Borland 4/1/2022
1 in 10 Americans say they don’t eat meat – a growing share of the population Bailey Norwood and Courtney Bir 3/1/2022
How to build wildfire-resistant communities on the wildland fringe Jeanne Homer 2/1/2022
Sports card explosion holds promise for keeping kids engaged in math John Holden 12/22/2021
Mistletoe - famous for stolen holiday kisses - is a parasite that steals water and nutrients from other plants David Hillock 12/16/2021
Why do couples use baby talk with one another? Ramesh Kaipa 12/3/2021
Is your state ready to handle the influx of federal funds for expanding broadband? Brian Whitacre, Christina Biedny 12/2/2021
The pandemic is changing the way young people eat and how they feel about their bodies: 4 essential reads Amanda Harrist, Christia Spears Brown, Elizabeth Budd, Julia F. Taylor, Laura Hubbs-Tait, Nichole Kelly, Nicole Giuliani, Sara Groff Stephens 11/29/2021
Climate change denial 2.0 was on full display at COP26, but there was also pushback David Tindall, Mark CJ Stoddart, Riley E Dunlap 11/18/2021
Kids with obesity need acceptance from family and friends, not just better diet tips, to succeed at managing their weight Amanda Harrist, Laura Hubbs-Tait 10/25/2021
Avoiding water bankruptcy in the drought-troubled Southwest: What the US and Iran can learn from each other Mojtaba Sadegh, Ali Mirchi, Amir AghaKouchak, Kaveh Madani 9/29/2021
Colleges must choose whether to let athletes wear school gear for paid promotions John Holden 9/23/2021
Do star athletes who want to play for the NBA really need college? What LaMelo Ball got right - and wrong - about why they don't John Holden 8/26/2021
Unverified reports of vaccine side effects in VAERS aren't the smoking guns portrayed by right-wing media outlets - they can offer insight into vaccine hesitancy Matt Motta, Dominik Stecula 8/25/2021


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