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Requirements for Animal Care and Use Protocol (ACUP) Personnel

Please note that all personnel action items must be completed before any protocols or personnel modifications will be approved.  Until the protocol or personnel modification forms are approved, personnel should not have any contact with animals under IACUC covered projects.


New Personnel

IACUC Required Training

New PI’s and new personnel must complete a minimum amount of training prior to approval on an ACUP.  We use the online training site CITI, and there are 2 requirements.


IACUC Training:  This is required for everyone, and can be completed in two ways.

Complete “Working with the IACUC” via the CITI online training site

Attend an in-person IACUC training course


Animal Species Specific Training:

Complete the species-specific course in CITI (if available)

Have more than 12 months of work, teaching, or research experience with the species being studied.


Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) Enrollment

Enrollment or a formal declination is required for all individuals working under an IACUC approved project. Initial enrollment begins when a new personnel member request is received by the IACUC Office. An enrollment packet is emailed to the new personnel member. The personnel member must complete the initial enrollment (including a no-cost visit to University Health Services), or a formal declination.

Continuing Personnel Requirements

IACUC Required Training

Training expires 3 years from the last completion date, and must be kept current. To update IACUC training there are several options listed below. Please note that the species-specific training above is required one time and does not expire.

Complete “Working with the IACUC via the CITI online training site.

Complete “Working with Animals in Biomedical Research – Refresher” via the CITI online training site.

Attend an in-person IACUC training course.

Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) Enrollment

Completion of an annual enrollment is required to remain active on IACUC covered projects.  Failure to complete the annual assessment form will result in removal from IACUC projects.

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