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Export Control

Export Control refers to a collective body of laws and regulations that govern the transfer of information, commodities, technology, and software considered to be strategically important to the U.S. in the interest of national security, economic and/or foreign policy concerns. They regulate the shipment or transfer, by whatever means, of controlled items, software, technology, or services out of U.S. or the release to foreign nationals in the U.S.

These laws and regulations have been in existence for many years. Compliance with export controls by institutions of higher education has come under greater scrutiny in recent years. Non-compliance can result in severe monetary and criminal penalties against an individual and the university, as well as possible loss of research contracts and governmental funding.

Oklahoma State University (OSU) is committed to complying with all export control laws and regulations. The resources on these pages are here to help you understand export controls and how they apply to you and the university community. You may navigate to the lastest information using the drop down menu above.

OSU's Position on Export Control Laws and Regulations