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Oklahoma State University
OSU Research

Office of the Vice President for Research

VPR Staff


203 Whitehurst, 405-744-6501(ph), 405-744-6244(fax)

Kenneth W. Sewell, Vice President for Research, 405-744-6501

Ron Van Den Bussche, Senior Assoc. Vice President for Research, 405-744-6501

Zach Miles, Senior Assoc. Vice President for Technology and Economic Development, 405-744-3307

Dawn Underwood, Asst. Vice President for Research Compliance, 405-744-0405

Christine Johnson, Interim Assoc. Vice President for Sponsored Research, 405-744-2361

Pratul Agarwal, Asst. Vice President for Research Cyberinfrastructure, (405) 744-4455

Asheley Wathen, University Attending Veterinarian, 405-744-8967

Jason Pogue, Assistant Director of Fiscal Operations, 405-744-9992

Josh Desmond, Contracting Officer, 405-744-1378

Tawni Hooten, Executive Administrative Assistant, 405-744-7076

Kevin McCroskey, Systems Administrator, 405-744-9563

Ellie Fuksa, Administrative Support Specialist, 405-744-6501

Tammy Austin, Venture I Coordinator, Facilities/Services, 405-744-1111, 201 Venture I 

Animal Resources

101 McElroy Hall Annex, 405-744-7631(ph), 405-744-6743(fax)

Asheley Wathen, University Attending Veterinarian, 405-744-8967

Patricia N. Coan, Associate Director for Animal Resources, 405-744-7296

Janelle Ballard, Animal Care Program Manager, 405-744-7633

Scott Freeman, Lab Animal Supervisor, 405-744-8966

Corey Sage, Vet Technician II, 405-744-6498

Kayla Blaes, Sr. Accounting Specialist, 405-744-7631


Office: 120SC Henry Bellmon Research Center, 405-744-3660(ph), 405-744-6244(fax)

Nani S. Pybus, Manager, 405-744-3660

Cowboy Technologies

1201 S. Innovation Way Drive
Stillwater, OK 74074, (405) 744-4156

Daniel Will, Executive Director, 405-744-4156

Jacob Mahaffey, Assistant Director, 405-744-2330


Lab 104, Venture 1 Building, 405-744-6765(ph), 405-744-1112(fax)

Ron Van Den Bussche, Director, 405-744-6501

Lisa Whitworth, Manager, (405) 744-6765

Brent Johnson, Sr. Research Specialist, (405) 744-3013


106 MSCS, 405-744-4455

Pratul Agarwal, Asst. Vice President for Research Cyberinfrastructure and Director, (405) 744-4455

Jesse Schafer, Manager of Operations, (405) 744-4435

Richard Hardiman, Systems Analyst, (405) 744-2875

Evan Linde, Research Cyberinfrastructure Analyst, (405) 744-1455


415 Whitehurst, 405-744-9964(ph), 405-744-7688(fax)

Kevin Wagner, EPSCoR Director, 405-744-9964

Valerie Phillips, Asst. Director, Sponsored Programs, 405-744-9990

Becky McIntire, Administrative Assistant, 405-744-9993

Gina Miller, Event Coordinator, 405-744-7645

Belinda Rowden, Sr. Administrative Support Specialist, 405-744-9964

Technology Development Center

1201 S. Innovation Way Drive, Suite 210
Stillwater, OK  74074, 405-744-6930(ph), 405-744-6451(fax)

Zach Miles, Senior Assoc. Vice President for Technology and Economic Development, 405-744-3307

Russell Hopper, Senior Licensing Associate, 405-744-6872

Cindy Malayer, Manager, 405-744-5361

Alex Valiaev, Licensing Associate, 405-744-1450

Jai Rajendran, Technology & Business Development Manager, 405-744-9893


223 Scott Hall, 405-744-1676(ph), 405-744-4335(fax)

Dawn Underwood, Assistant Vice President for Research Compliance, 405-744-0405

Patrick Kehres, IACUC Manager, 405-744-3592

Beth Weichold, IRB Coordinator, 405.744.3377

Dawnett Watkins, IRB Manager, 405-744-5700

Diana Reddington, Executive Administrative Assistant, 405-744-1676

Brandi Simmons, Radiation Safety Officer, 405-744-7890

Morgan Totty, Radiation Safety Specialist, 405-744-3474

Kaleb Underwood, Radiation Safety Technician, 405-744-7800

Mindy James, Biological Safety Officer, 405-744-3203

Jennifer Nangle, Asst. Biological Safety Officer, 405-744-3376

Ashleigh Hall, Biological Safety Specialist, 405-744-3736

Carl Gedon, Post Approval Monitoring Specialist, 405-744-3852

Nick Stevens, Systems Administrator, 405-744-3192


206 Whitehurst, 405-744-9991(ph), 405-744-6877(fax)

Jada Bruner-Gailey, Director, 405-744-9995

Melinda Wilson, ERA & Communication Specialist, 405-744-9256

Jennifer Stephens, Administrative Support Specialist I, 405-744-9989