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Welcome to the equipment scheduling page.

You may use this link to view available times for the equipment. To make a reservation, contact Lisa Whitworth, at 405-744-6765 or Brent Johnson at 405-744-3013.


View equipment availability


Note: please indicate operation conditions you will need:

AFM: indicate the operation mode and supplemental equipment you'll use, i.e. Heating stage, conductive module, liquid cell, or STM.

Confocal Microscopy: indicate what lasers you will need, i.e. 488 nm/ 543 nm/ 633 nm/ UV.

SEM: Indicate if you will need ESEM mode, backscatter detector or EDS.

TEM: indicate your preferred accelerate voltage (HT), i.e. 80 kV, 120 kV, or 200V, EDS, STEM+EDS.

If you need assistance when you use the equipment you plan to book, please first contact Lisa Whitworth at (405) 744-6765 or Brent Johnson at (405) 744-3013so that we can make the schedule available for both parties.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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