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Application Review Procedures

Applying to the IRB | Review/Continuation Process


The procedure for review for each application is dependent upon the review level requested in the application. The procedures for each level are summarized below.

Review Level Number of Reviewers Estimated Time for Review
Exempt 1 *3-14 days
Expedited 1 *10-30 days
Full Board Entire Board *14-60 days
*Please note: Peak application months will increase the above listed average turnaround times by one to two weeks. Please plan accordingly. See chart below for what has been historically our peak application months.


An application to be reviewed by the full board is sent to all members of the board. The application must be received two weeks prior to the next IRB meeting date to be considered at that meeting.


A primary or lead reviewer from the board is assigned to each full board application. This individual is responsible for presenting the application to full board at the convened meeting and leading the initial discussion.


The review level requested in an application can be changed by any board member at any time. A monthly summary of all research reviewed as exempt or expedited is presented to the full board for informational purposes at each convened meeting.

The IRB reserves the right to re-review any application that has been reviewed in another category and make the approval subject to additional requirements.

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