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Oklahoma State University
Technology Development Center

A unit in the Division of the Vice President for Research


The Technology Development Center at Oklahoma State University assists faculty and staff members, administrators, and students with intellectual property issues resulting from their scholarly and creative activities.  It exists to foster the creation of innovative technologies and to manage those technologies and other intellectual property for the benefit of the University and the public.  In doing so, TDC supports the third part of OSU’s threefold mission: 1) teaching, 2) research and scholarly activity, and 3) outreach.

OSU Technology Commercialization Process

Broadly speaking, technology transfer is the movement of knowledge and discoveries to the general public. It can occur through publications, educated students entering the workforce, exchanges at conferences, and relationships with industry. For TDC, technology transfer means managing patents and copyrights, licensing them to third parties, facilitating new company formation, promoting good relationships with industry, funding research with commercial potential through our TBDP program, and more recently, helping faculty, staff, and students develop mobile apps through our App Center.

The process of technology transfer, facilitated by TDC, at Oklahoma State University is summarized in the diagram below. Please explore the chart to learn more about our process.

 TDC Commercialization Process