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Completing the Application

Applications submitted to the IRB require an OSU faculty or staff member as Principal Investigator (PI). Students may also act as principal investigators, but must have a faculty or staff advisor.

The Graduate College will not accept an IRB approval for research conducted for a thesis or dissertation if the student’s name is not on the approval page. If persons are added or removed as principal investigators for the protocol after its initial approval, a modification form, requesting approval to add personnel, must be submitted.

Applications are to be submitted via the online system, IRBManager. The applicant should carefully and thoroughly answer all questions on the application form. Most applications that are returned for revisions have incomplete responses. Guidance documents for the application can be found at: eCowboy Compliance. If the research is externally funded, materials submitted must include the funding proposal. The OSU IRB requires documentation of approval from appropriate authorities for research conducted at any location outside of OSU. This should be submitted with the application, prior to approval, and any time a location is added as a modification.

A complete application to the IRB includes the following:

  • Completion of required IRB training;
  • Documentation of approval from authorities if research is conducted outside OSU;
  • Informed consent/assent forms;
  • Recruitment materials, script, flyers, letters;
  • All instruments (questionnaires, surveys, tests);
  • Grant proposal (if for funded research);
  • Bio, resume or vitae for all PI (student or faculty) and advisor
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