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Vice President for Research

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Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium - Information for Performing, Visual Arts, and Design Presentations


Tips for Designing Your Presentation

Submissions for this session must have a performance-based component (e.g., music, theater, or dance) created as part of, or as a result of, the research process; or submissions must be art forms/designs created as part of, or as a result of, the research process.

Please create a pre-recorded, 5-minute video showcasing your creative work. Include a description of the research process utilized in creating the performance/art form. Your videos may include links to external sites, resources, etc. Laptop computers (provided) will play the video (continuous looping) during the 1-hour session while you accompany the recording and answer questions.

Length and Format

Your pre-recorded video presentation should be...

  • An oral description of the evidence-based exploration or line of inquiry (i.e., the research process) that you used to create your performance or art form/design. For performing arts, the intent is not to show your performance in its entirety; however, you will likely want to include a portion of the performance in your video.
  • No longer than five minutes in length.
  • Tailored to an educated, non-expert audience.

Please include a slide at the beginning of the video that contains the following:

  • Your name and the names of your team members (if applicable)
  • Your academic level and major(s)
  • Your faculty mentor's name


Recording your Presentation

There are multiple ways to record your presentation video. For example, you may create a recording using PowerPoint or Zoom. You are welcome to use a video recording software of your choice. 

Regarding a file format for your video, our preferred file formats are .mp4 or .mov; however, we should be able to play nearly any file format.


Day of the Symposium

Uploading Your Video Recording

On the day of the Symposium, please arrive early and go to the check-in desk. You will receive a name tag and your laptop #. A session assistant will be available to help you load your presentation recording onto the provided laptop.

We ask all presenters to arrive in their designated location and be ready to go 15 minutes before the start of your session. Please dress in professional attire. 

Video Browsing

During your designated 1-hour session, fellow students, faculty, and the public will browse the video presentations. Please stand beside the laptop (with your video playing on continuous looping) for the duration of your session and be prepared for individuals to interact with you and ask questions about your performance/art and your research process. 


After the Symposium

You will receive written feedback on your video presentation.

Participating in this event can be included on your CV/resume. Such designations vary by discipline, so ask your faculty sponsor how to denote your participation in the poster session event on your CV/resume.


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