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Select Agent Training

Institutions registering with the CDC or USDA for possession, use, and transfer of select agents and toxins must provide training on safety and security for individuals working with select agents and toxins. Training must be provided to each individual approved for access and to each visitor working in or visiting areas where select agents and toxins are handled or stored. Certain aspects of the training must be lab specific and protocol specific. At a minimum, this training must include:


Initial training at the time of assignment to a work area where select agents or toxins are present and prior to assignments involving new exposure situations. Refresher training must be provided at least annually. The investigator is responsible for ensuring that personnel are trained appropriately. In lieu of initial training for those persons already involved in handling select agents and toxins, the Responsible Official (RO) may certify in writing that the PI has the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to carry out the project. Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval of a protocol, that includes personnel experience and expertise meets this requirement.


Training in safety, containment, security and emergency response must be provided to all individuals with access to areas where select agents and toxins are handled or stored. Other guidance is available from the Helpful Link section of this Web site.


Training on information security (i.e. cybersecurity) is required.


Please contact the Biological Safety Officer for additional information on biosafety training that is offered at OSU.


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