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Session F:  Flash Talks and Performing Arts Video

3:30 - 4:30 pm

Various Disciplines (11 talks/videos)


F-01       Chapman Shields

Research Presentation Title:  Scenic Design: Arthur Miller's The Crucible

Faculty Research Mentor:  Eric Barker, Theatre


F-02       Newlin Humphrey

Research Collaborators:  Bradley Coleman

Research Presentation Title:  Exploration of Students’ Perceptions of Leadership Competencies During a Short-Term Domestic Travel Experience

Faculty Research Mentor:  Lauren Cline, Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership


F-03       Ashley Gin

Research Collaborators:  Melanie Whitmore

Research Presentation Title:  Epigenetic Induction of Avian Host Defense Peptides by Sirtuin Modulators

Faculty Research Mentor:  Glenn Zhang, Animal and Food Science


F-04       Mason Egermeier

Research Collaborators:  Kyle Forsythe, Jorge Gonzalez Estrella

Research Presentation Title:  Microplastic Extraction from Oklahoma Freshwater Sediments with a Continuous Flow Elutriation Process

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jorge Gonzalez Estrella, Civil and Environmental Engineering


F-05       Chloe Guthrie

Research Collaborators:  Scott McMurry

Research Presentation Title:  Assessing Spider Predation on Frogs

Faculty Research Mentor:  Scott McMurry, Integrative Biology


F-06       Tanner Price

Research Collaborators:  Ryan Paul

Research Presentation Title:  Effects and Advantages of an Active Rear Wing Aero Package for Bullet Racing

Faculty Research Mentor:  Ryan Paul, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


F-07       Sarah Wettemann

Research Presentation Title:  My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys: Sport, Culture and Oklahoma State Athletics

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jared Johnson, Media and Strategic Communications


F-08       Priscilla Chatman

Research Collaborators:  Priscilla Chatman, Brittney Conn, Emma Maritz, Toby L. Nelson, Karen L. Wozniak

Research Presentation Title:  Antifungal Activity of Novel Compound EIPE-1 against the Fungal Pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans

Faculty Research Mentor:  Karen Wozniak, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics


F-09       Alex Mason

Research Collaborators:  Jeffrey Hadwiger

Research Presentation Title:  Role of the Erk2 Phosphorylation Sites on the Translocation of GtaC in Dictyostelium

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jeffrey Hadwiger, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics


F-10       Caitlin McBride

Research Collaborators:  Bo Zhang, Courtney Dotterweich, Sue Fairbanks

Research Presentation Title:  Denning Chronology of American Black Bears in Eastern Oklahoma and the Effects of Changing Environmental Conditions

Faculty Research Mentor:  Sue Fairbanks, Natural Resource Ecology and Management


F-11       Georgia Eastham

Research Collaborators:  Edralin Lucas

Research Presentation Title:  Evaluation of nutritionally active phytochemicals in selection for purple brancoat in bread wheat

Faculty Research Mentor:  Brett Carver, Plant and Soil Sciences; Edralin Lucas, Nutritional Sciences

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