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Vice President for Research

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Poster Session E: 

1:30 - 2:30 pm

Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Engineering Technology; Geology; Industrial Engineering and Management; Mathematics; and Statistics (45 posters)


Note: Presentations are grouped by the student’s area of research (based on the faculty mentor’s academic department), not the student’s academic major.


E-01     Tylee Kareck

Research Collaborators:  Paritosh Ramanan, Zheyu Jiang, Saba Ghasemi Naraghi, Ricky Reed

Research Presentation Title:  Microgrid Optimization: Hydrogen Technology Modeling

Faculty Research Mentor:  Zheyu Jiang, Chemical Engineering


E-02     Kaitlyn Luster

Research Collaborators:  Razaul Karim

Research Presentation Title:  Spent Coffee Grounds -  Derived Carbon Adsorbents for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Faculty Research Mentor:  Hong Je Cho, Chemical Engineering


E-03     Sean Smart

Research Collaborators:  Hong Je Cho

Research Presentation Title:  Nitrate Removal Using Carbon Adsorbents Derived from Spent Coffee Grounds

Faculty Research Mentor:  Hong Je Cho, Chemical Engineering


E-04     Griffyn Stoodley

Research Collaborators:  Berk Uysal, Bhuvana Plakkot , Madhan Subramanian, Sundar Madihally 

Research Presentation Title:  Effects of Galvanotaxis on 3D Bioprinted Astrocytes

Faculty Research Mentor:  Sundar Madihally, Chemical Engineering


E-05     Holly Anthony

Research Collaborators:  Colton Calvert

Research Presentation Title:  Light-Driven Processing of Biomass Burning Organic Aerosol from Eastern Red Cedar

Faculty Research Mentor:  Elijah Schnitzler, Chemistry


E-06     Kaitlin Ashcraft

Research Collaborators:  Mayokun Ayodele

Research Presentation Title:  Intermittent Illumination using Modern LED Technologies to Study Radical Chain Reactions

Faculty Research Mentor:  Spencer Pitre, Chemistry


E-07     Jace Barton

Research Collaborators:  Elijah Schnitzler, Micah Miles

Research Presentation Title:  Effect of Ozone on the Light Absorption of Nanoplastics in the Atmosphere

Faculty Research Mentor:  Elijah Schnitzler, Chemistry


E-08     Roman Bersche

Research Collaborators:  Gabriel Cook

Research Presentation Title:  The Preparation of Nanodiscs with Varying Components and the Incorporation of Membrane Proteins

Faculty Research Mentor:  Gabriel Cook, Chemistry


E-09     Sara Coffey

Research Collaborators:  Shubham Sharma

Research Presentation Title:  Optimization of Iron Pyrite Nanoparticles

Faculty Research Mentor:  Yolanda Vasquez, Chemistry


E-10     Georgia Eastham, Adonis Gardner

Research Presentation Title:  Probing the dynamic behavior of cyclohexane using classical models

Faculty Research Mentor:  Martin McCullagh, Chemistry


E-11     Noah Holt

Research Presentation Title:  Exploring the Properties of CO2 Adsorbing Materials

Faculty Research Mentor:   Nicholas F. Materer, Chemistry


E-12     Hadley Keith

Research Collaborators:  Tim Schoch

Research Presentation Title:  Investigation of the Benzyl Esterification of trans-Arylcycloalkenes

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jimmie Weaver, Chemistry


E-13     Katelyn Laminack

Research Collaborators:  John Hayford, G. Teye-Kau, Spencer Pitre

Research Presentation Title:  Vitamin B_12 Photocatalyzed Cyclopropanations Using Bromoform as a Methylene Source

Faculty Research Mentor:  Spencer Pitre, Chemistry


E-14     McKenzie Menefee

Research Collaborators:  Cody Godfrey

Research Presentation Title:  Selective N-Alkylation of 1,2,4-triaColes and imidazole

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jeanne L. Bolliger, Chemistry


E-15     Micah Miles

Research Collaborators:  Elijah Schnitzler, Katrina Betz, Christian Escritt

Research Presentation Title:  Aerosolized Black Carbon: Generation, Standardization, and Restructuring of Soot Nanoparticles

Faculty Research Mentor:  Elijah Schnitzler, Chemistry


E-16     Branson Morgan

Research Collaborators:  Shubham Sharma

Research Presentation Title:  The Optimization of the Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes with Oxy-Hydroxide

Faculty Research Mentor:  Yolanda Vasquez, Chemistry


E-17     Abigail Norris

Research Presentation Title:  Mechanistic Study in New Synthetic Methods for N-Alkenyl-Substituted 1,2,4-TriaColones

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jeanne Bolliger, Chemistry


E-18     Kaitlyn O'Brien

Research Collaborators:  Cody Godfrey

Research Presentation Title:  Alkoxy substituent variation of ethyl 4-((4–methoxybenzyl)thio)-3-(4H-1,2,4-triaCol-4-yl)benzoic acid

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jeanne Bolliger, Chemistry


E-19     Jennie Russell

Research Collaborators:  Pratikshya Paudel, Patrick Combs, Smita Mohanty

Research Presentation Title:  Pheromone Binding to Pest Control: Investigating Olfaction Mechanisms in Ostrinia furnacalis

Faculty Research Mentor:  Smita Mohanty, Chemistry


E-20     Kelby Schrader

Research Collaborators:  Cia ul Quasim Syed, Sathya Samaraweera

Research Presentation Title:  Non-Invasive Control of Diabetes Through Visual Colorimetry

Faculty Research Mentor:  Sadagopan Krishnan, Chemistry


E-21     Joshua Schut

Research Collaborators:  Cia Syed, Sathya Samaraweera, Josh Ramsey

Research Presentation Title:  Development of Multiplex Sensors based on Bioconjugation and Colorimetry

Faculty Research Mentor:  Gopan Krishnan, Chemistry


E-22     Colton Scott

Research Collaborators:  Cia Syed, Doris Benbrook

Research Presentation Title:  Electrochemical Assay Validation of Cancer Biomarkers for Clinical Studies

Faculty Research Mentor:  Sadagopan Krishnan, Chemistry


E-23     Moriah Thompson

Research Collaborators:  Tiwalola Ogunleye

Research Presentation Title:  Preparation of Recombinantly Expressed T-cell Receptor Protein α (TCRα) for Structural Studies

Faculty Research Mentor:  Gabriel Cook, Chemistry


E-24     Gavin White

Research Collaborators:  Haoran Chong, Barry Lavine

Research Presentation Title:  Every Contact Leaves a Trace

Faculty Research Mentor:  Barry Lavine, Chemistry


E-25     Dulce Gallardo Owens

Research Collaborators:  Andrea Arredondo-Navarro, Justin Scott, Eliane El Hayek, Jose Cerrato, Jorge Gonzalez-Estrella

Research Presentation Title:  Understanding Rates of Microplastic Generation from Thermally Oxidized Plastics Reactivity in Aqueous Media

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jorge Gonzalez-Estrella , Civil and Environmental Engineering


E-26     Shelby Maggard

Research Collaborators:  Lizzie Long, Mary Foltz

Research Presentation Title:  Optimizing Agriculture: A Modeling Approach to Estimating N2O Emissions from the OSU TAPS Program

Faculty Research Mentor:  Mary Foltz, Civil and Environmental Engineering


E-27     Gwen Tipling

Research Collaborators:  Dulce Gallardo-Owens, Tori McGruer, Macy Gustavus, Win Cowger, Jorge Gonzalez-Estrella

Research Presentation Title:  Assessment of the Abundance and Type of Microplastics in Sediments from the Pacific Crest Trail

Faculty Research Mentor:  Jorge Gonzalez Estrella, Civil and Environmental Engineering


E-28     Landren Martin

Research Presentation Title:  New Perspective on a Classical Experiment: Understanding the Effects of Asymmetry on the Double-Slit Experiment

Faculty Research Mentor:  Daqing (Daching) Piao, Electrical and Computer Engineering


E-29     Jasmine Taplin, Soren Petersen

Research Collaborators:  Ruxue Wei, Weili Chang

Research Presentation Title:  Terahertz Spectroscopy Analysis of Plasmonic Surface Waves Resonating in Metal-Silicon Geometries

Faculty Research Mentor:  Weili Chang, Electrical and Computer Engineering


E-30     Mark Bertucci

Research Collaborators:  Mishra Anubhav

Research Presentation Title:  AI Machine Learning in Additive Manufacturing

Faculty Research Mentor:  Hitesh Vora, Engineering Technology


E-31     Nicholas Watson

Research Presentation Title:  Multigenerational housing

Faculty Research Mentor:  Rachiel Mosier, Engineering Technology


E-32     Eric Lebar

Research Presentation Title:  Structure of Mona Island Faults from High Resolution Digital Elevation Model

Faculty Research Mentor:  Lao-Davila, Geology


E-33     Jacqueline MacGregor

Research Collaborators:  Brandon Spencer, James Knapp

Research Presentation Title:  Exploring Cambrian Rhyolites: Geochemical and in situ Geochronological Analysis of the Wichita Mountains, Southwest Oklahoma

Faculty Research Mentor:  Brandon Spencer, Geology


E-34     Elizabeth Scrudder

Research Collaborators:  Trenity Ford

Research Presentation Title:  The use of Micro-CT in assessing the relationship between oxygen and test volume in the benthic foraminifera Uvigerina peregrina

Faculty Research Mentor:  Ashley Burkett, Geology


E-35     Emily Tompkins

Research Collaborators:  James Knapp, Brandon Spencer

Research Presentation Title:  Mapping Contacts in the Wichita Igneous Province with GIS

Faculty Research Mentor:  James Knapp, Geology


E-36     Kaden Bush, Benny Rohan, Lillia Springer

Research Collaborators:  Pratima Saravanan, Benny Rohan, Lillia Springer

Research Presentation Title:  Effect of Artificial Intelligence on the Cognitive Workload of Students

Faculty Research Mentor:  Pratima Saravanan, Industrial Engineering and Management


E-37     Grace Hendrix

Research Presentation Title:  Political Districting to Minimize County Splitting and Achieve Minority Representation

Faculty Research Mentor:  Austin Buchanan, Industrial Engineering and Management


E-38     Connor Meissner, Alexander Leon, Rachel Davis

Research Presentation Title:  Influence of Physical Fatigue on the Cognitive Workload of Individuals

Faculty Research Mentor:  Pratima Saravanan, Industrial Engineering and Management


E-39     Ethan O'Connor

Research Presentation Title:  Towards Personalized Inhalation Therapy by Correlating Chest CT Imaging and Pulmonary Function Test Features Using Machine Learning

Faculty Research Mentor:  Chenang Liu, Industrial Engineering and Management


E-40     Jack Seiler

Research Collaborators:  Prudhvi Raj Pola

Research Presentation Title:  Preliminary Estimation of Mechanical Properties of 3D printed metals

Faculty Research Mentor:  Ranji Vaidyanathan, Materials Science and Engineering


E-41     Jensen Bridges

Research Collaborators:  Archer

Research Presentation Title:  Statistics on Permutations Avoiding Two Patterns

Faculty Research Mentor:  Melissa Emory, Mathematics


E-42     Taylor Johnson

Research Presentation Title:  Assessing Productivity of Secondary Mathematics’ Discussions and Activities

Faculty Research Mentor:  Michael Tallman, Mathematics


E-43     Jesse Wallace

Research Presentation Title:  Controlled Local Isometric Embeddings of Riemannian Surfaces into Euclidean 4-Space

Faculty Research Mentor:  Sean Curry, Mathematics


E-44     Brianna Wolford

Research Collaborators:  Allison Dorko

Research Presentation Title:  Students' Learning from Online Homework

Faculty Research Mentor:  Allison Dorko, Mathematics


E-45     Cenjia Zeng

Research Collaborators:  Lu Zhang, Niranjan Pokhrel

Research Presentation Title:  The Effects of Nitrogen and Epicormic Shoots Damage on Pecan Nut Production

Faculty Research Mentor:  Lan Zhu, Statistics

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